about us

We are Anne and Ida, and we have been friends and diy travelling companions since 2002. Back in the day we shared an apartment for a couple of years and since it was in need of a little tlc we started to cozy up the place. 

Very quickly we noticed two things: we work together so well. And we have so much fun doing it.

On our large living room table we spent endless nights crafting and painting and writing and brainstorming for projects, gifts, and ideas, always having a great time and an endless supply of coffee, often recycling items from previous projects or improvising. 

We admit, things were a little chaotic at times when we’re working on something, and that is to this day still often the case. And we are fine with a little chaos! 

To us, it has always been about the journey. Having the finished project in mind is good but being able to adjust while working on something is often necessary and keeps it fun. Sometimes we have different approaches on how we want to do things, and that can get interesting, too!

On this blog, we want to share the projects we’re working on, and we hope that we can inspire you to just try things out and play. We don’t always know how a project will turn out and that is part of the fascination that is DIY.

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