Montag, 18. April 2016


It's been very quiet around here for the past couple of months. Anne and I decided very early on in this blogging endeavor that we didn't want this blog to ever feel like something we "must do" when we were too busy or didn't feel like sharing or preparing a blog post.

So we've both been working on different projects and things and knew that we'd eventually be back here when it felt right.

I want to revive this blog by writing about inspiration, once again. Like I've mentioned before, to me, inspiration does not mean that I automatically develop an idea for a project, a new purse or a story. It means that I enjoy the visual, that I feel moved by it. I've been pushing myself and my small business over the past couple of months, knowing that the 5. anniversary of my "baby" was just around the corner (we celebrated it this past Friday and there is still a sweepstake going on on the facebook page, too). My creativity has been in overdrive, luckily, and I've been enjoying the process of creating and exchanging knowledge with other creatives a lot lately. But, working on MBI does not only consist of working creatively; there's a lot of paperwork, research, marketing, emails, tax stuff, etc involved. Necessary, but not a lot of fun.

With such a huge amount of work in a setting that is way beyond 9-5, it's more important than ever to consciously take breaks from work to recharge and to let my mind wander, to get inspired and to simply relax and not think about work at all.

A pretty spontaneous road trip to the beach was the perfect getaway. The ocean is where I recharge best, the salty air, looking for pretty stones, watching the water. We spent hours looking at the ocean, driving around through dust and sunshine with good music on, I discovered a swing facing the ocean, we ate good food, I swam!, and talked the night away. I returned tired, calm, refocused - and slightly sunburned. It was perfection.

Talking to other creatives, looking at art, trying to understand creative processes, detached from my own process of creating, has also been great. I've been to Vienna a lot lately, checking out art exhibits of all kinds every time. In a city like Vienna, the offer is huge and ever changing. And then, sitting somewhere, indulging in ice cream while watching people passing by, their style, their bags, of course!, soaking up the big city life before returning to Graz, once again, full of impressions and ideas - and the bags full of the most beautiful fabrics. Also: street art! I stopped in my tracks in Ljubljana when I saw this question on the side of a building. I loved how it made me immediately consider my answer.

I just love how joyful and inspiring the little things can be. To feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. How sweet it is to sit back with a good cup of espresso, the first sip, so good. How there is a mirror image of the leaves of a tree above me in my peach juice.

And how I step on a sharp stone at the beach (didn't love this part, ouch) and look down and turns out, it was heart-shaped. Sweet. Yup, hopeless romantic over here.

I am also immensely inspired by love. By the warmth of a genuine smile, by the feeling of possibility. By feeling accurately and profoundly perceived and seen.

To me, it's a lot about being present in the current moment. Snuggling with the cutest dog at a work event (I think I need a dog in my life). Hanging out with my friends, hearing about their endeavors, ideas, thoughts, and plans. I've spent lots of time outside lately, relaxing with good people, soaking up the sun. Playing with my sweet niece. Cooking good food. Going on evening bike rides. Sitting on the balcony, watching the clouds and the change of color of the sky when the night falls while listening to good music. Simple pleasures.

Have a good start of the week, people!
What do you feel inspired by?

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