Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Berries & Cream Cake (gluten-free)

Hello all,
it's been a while since we posted a recipe on the blog, we've been just too busy during the last couple of weeks!
A couple of days ago we celebrated Simon's birthday with friends and I promised to make a cake. As spring is here now (somewhere, I'm sure - at the moment we're experiencing a winter-comeback in Austria), I thought it would be nice to have something with fresh berries.
This berries & cream cake was surprisingly easy and quick to make, which suited me well as I was in a little hurry and only had 2,5 hours to bake the cake, decorate it, tidy up our apartment and get a shower. At some point I will be able to organize myself so that I still have more than 3 minutes before the guests arrive. Always the optimist :-)

- 220g gluten-free flour
- 200g sugar
- 125g butter
- 4 eggs
- 1tsp baking powder
- 125ml milk
- 1tsp lemon zest

- 250ml cream
- 250ml curd
- 120g sugar
- 1 tsp lemon zest
- 1 pk whipped cream stabilizer
- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - as many as you like!

- 100g frozen berries
- 50g sugar

Beat egg whites and half of the sugar until stiff.
In another bowl, beat butter and the other half of the sugar until fluffy, then add flour, baking powder, milk and egg yolks. Gently fold in the egg whites-sugar mix.
In the preheated oven (180°C), bake the cake for approximately 50 minutes and let it cool off completely.

In the meantime combine all ingredients for the cream in a bowl and mix until you reach a smooth texture. Don't forget to set some of the berries aside for decoration.

For the glazing, put berries and sugar in a pot and slowly cook the mixture until you have a syrup-like mixture. Let it cool off (put it in the fridge if you are in a hurry).

Cut the cake in half and if you want, cut some strawberries and put them on one of the cake bases. 

Spread the cake base with a first layer of cream, put the second cake base on top and cover the whole cake with cream. I used a spoon to pour the berry syrup over the cake, that way it is easier to control where it is going. Decorate with the rest of the berries and store the cake in a cool place until serving. 

Have a nice week,
lots of love,

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