Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016


It is FREEEEEZING over here. And I know that many Mommies and Daddies take the stroller out on a daily basis to make sure their children take at least one looooong nap outside. I have a friend who's out and about with the stroller every day for at least two hours, which is why I made her this stroller muff.

You'll need:

- a piece of fabric, 15 x 18 inch (40 x 45 cm)
- a piece of fleece, same size as fabric
- 5 snap buttons

You can use any kind of fabric, I decided on a pretty print fabric by marimekko. The fleece I used is a thermo fleece which I purchased to use it for oven mittens. It can be any kind of soft fabric.

Step one:
Flatten the fleece on your table and put the fabric on top of it, right side of the fabric onto the fleece.

Step two:
Round all four edges of the rectangle by using a glass, a bowl or any round object that is not too large.

Step three:
Sew around the rectangle, leaving an opening of about 4 inches on one side.

Step four:
Turn it inside out so that the pretty side of the fabric is now visible. Sew around the rectangle one more time, now also closing the opening.

Step five: 
Fold the rectangle in half on the shorter side. Attach the snaps, two on the outher edges (make sure you have enough space for the stroller handle to go through, I went with about 2.7 inch (7 cm) from the fold) and one in the middle.

Step six:
Attach to stroller, and go!


Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016


Our blog is celebrating its first birthday today, can you believe it?!? This last year was so much fun! We learned a lot during these last twelve months, had ups and downs (way more ups though) and really enjoyed working on all the different projects. Before showing you our favorite posts from this first year, we would like to thank all of you - our readers, family and friends, for your support and interest!! We love you all <3



And some of our favorite recipes:

We hope you liked our little review! Be prepared, we are planning a lot of super fun projects for this year!
Lots of love, Anne & Ida

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016


I know, Winter hast just begun but let me count the reasons why I am already so very tired of it. Snow looks gorgeous for the first five minutes, and late at night when I look outside from my cozy apartment. But then it is this gross brown grey mass of dirt that is also wet, and since I refuse to invest in proper Winter gear (I much rather purchase another pair of Havaianas, thank you very much), I am always cold.

I miss Summer. The sun on my skin. Tan lines. Not having to wear seven hundred layers of clothing at all times. Days and nights spent outside. Iced drinks. Road trips to the ocean.

Which is why this is a playlist for a Summer road trip. Sorry, but I couldn't help myself.