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Hello all,
I am taking a short break from christmas preparations to show you this super fun project. Not totally as I couldn't resist writing happy holidays and decorating it.  I love these IKEA chopping boards, they're extremely useful (especially when your kitchen is as small as ours and you're using it as counter top). Over time though you have to replace your board with a new one. I always found it sad to just throw the old board away. This week I suddenly had one of these heureka moments what to do with this piece of used wood: turn it into a chalkboard! As I am totally into (pretended) calligraphy at the moment, I wanted to do some chalkboard writing for a long time anyways.
So if you also need a break from all the glitter, tinsel, wrapping paper: take a look at how easy this project turned out. If you don't need a break: give the chalkboard to someone for christmas ;-) Unfortunately my camera stopped working in between the project, so there are some pics missing or blurry, sorry! But I think you'll get the idea.

I used:
- old IKEA chopping board
- chalkboard foil
- cutter
- ruler

I took my board and flipped it around (heureka moment). The strip which normally holds the board in place on your counter top is perfect to put pieces of chalk there later on. The small trench running around the board works just fine as boundary line for the foil.
Make sure that your board is clean and there are no breadcrumbs etc. stuck somewhere.

As this is the easiest of all easy projects, I didn't cut out a pattern but applied the foil directly to the board. I flattened the foil from the strip to the upper top, using a ruler to prevent blisters. 

I then traced the trench with my finger so I could see where I had to cut the foil. You'll want to hold the cutter slightly askew, that will make the cutting easier and the result will also look much better. As a last step I ripped off the overlapping foil.

Tadaaa! Your own chalkboard! This project was so much fun, I think I'll spend my evenings now practicing different fonts on my board. This would also look amazing in the kitchen, for shopping lists, menues or small notes.
What do you think of this little upcycling project?
Lots of love,

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