Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015


Hello my friends,
Christmas is approaching! Are you excited? I am, although I still have some handcrafting to do... Although this should be the the time for reflection, a lot of us are in a hurry and stressed out, because there is still so much to do. Therefore I thought of something that one could do in no time, but which looks really pretty on your christmas table. I don't know if you are the kind of person who has napkin holders in your possession, I for sure am not, but every now and then we invite friends for dinner and I would like to have something to add a little extra decoration to the table.

This is what I gathered for the holders:
- toilet paper roll (1 = 2 holders)
- scissors
- adhesive tape
- any kind of wool, string....
- branches

First of all I cut the roll in half. I didn't measure or mark anything and it turned out pretty good, but you of course could mark the center if you like. 

I took some wool and fixed it with the adhesive tape to the roll, then started wrapping it around. If you cut off too little string/wool, just stick the end on the inside of the roll and get some more.

Once I wrapped the entire roll with wool, I fixed it on the inside with another piece of adhesive tape. Now I just needed to fix the branch to the holder and I was done! I still can't believe how easy and quick a project this was. This might also be something you could do in the akward minutes between having finished all the preparations and waiting for your guests (am I the only one experiencing this akwardness??)


How do you decorate your christmas table? Please share, as I am still looking for some ideas :-)
Lots of love,

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