Montag, 14. Dezember 2015


Happy Monday everyone!
You remember Emma, the daughter of our friends for whom I made this little sock monkey? I was wondering what to give the cute princess for christmas when her mother told me that she will get a play kitchen. Then I knew: I would make her some play food made out of felt to go along. The internet is full of felt food tutorials and ideas, people sew the most amazing things!! I think this is a perfect gift for a toddler. There are no sharp edges, and nothing that can be swallowed unintentionally. I've made vegetables, a fried egg, cheese and some sweets, take a look:

I chose to show you how to make a felt strawberry, so that you'll get the basic idea of play food. I must warn you however: Stitching felt together and produce all different kinds of food is addictive!! Especially when doing so whilst watching some episodes of your favorite show.

 Cute, isn't it?

- red & green felt
- scissors
- needle & yarn
- stuffing cotton
- pen

I drew a circle onto the red piece of felt and then cut out a 'slice', which should be about a quarter of the whole circle.

Then I worked my way all over the circle with small stiches, flipped it on the other side and sew it together on the open side.

 To close the strawberry I very loosely stitched around the upper end.

Before pulling the yarn and hence the strawberry together, I stuffed some cotton in the middle. 

 As last step I drew a circle onto the green felt, taking my strawberry as pattern. I just randomly cut out the leaves and with some stitches sew it to the strawberry. 

I love how the cheese and also the piece of pie turned out! I hope Emma likes them too! What's your favorite item?
Lots of love,

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