Freitag, 25. Dezember 2015

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015


Hello my friends,
Christmas is approaching! Are you excited? I am, although I still have some handcrafting to do... Although this should be the the time for reflection, a lot of us are in a hurry and stressed out, because there is still so much to do. Therefore I thought of something that one could do in no time, but which looks really pretty on your christmas table. I don't know if you are the kind of person who has napkin holders in your possession, I for sure am not, but every now and then we invite friends for dinner and I would like to have something to add a little extra decoration to the table.

This is what I gathered for the holders:
- toilet paper roll (1 = 2 holders)
- scissors
- adhesive tape
- any kind of wool, string....
- branches

First of all I cut the roll in half. I didn't measure or mark anything and it turned out pretty good, but you of course could mark the center if you like. 

I took some wool and fixed it with the adhesive tape to the roll, then started wrapping it around. If you cut off too little string/wool, just stick the end on the inside of the roll and get some more.

Once I wrapped the entire roll with wool, I fixed it on the inside with another piece of adhesive tape. Now I just needed to fix the branch to the holder and I was done! I still can't believe how easy and quick a project this was. This might also be something you could do in the akward minutes between having finished all the preparations and waiting for your guests (am I the only one experiencing this akwardness??)


How do you decorate your christmas table? Please share, as I am still looking for some ideas :-)
Lots of love,

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015


Christmas time is always a hassle and many people are stressed out because they need to shop for gifts. Anne and I both always create most of the gifts ourselves, and with Christmas approaching (one week left! eek!), we wanted to give you some ideas for DIYable gifts.

Here are ten projects to choose from:

#1: The Note Organizer

Are you ready for Christmas?


Montag, 14. Dezember 2015


Happy Monday everyone!
You remember Emma, the daughter of our friends for whom I made this little sock monkey? I was wondering what to give the cute princess for christmas when her mother told me that she will get a play kitchen. Then I knew: I would make her some play food made out of felt to go along. The internet is full of felt food tutorials and ideas, people sew the most amazing things!! I think this is a perfect gift for a toddler. There are no sharp edges, and nothing that can be swallowed unintentionally. I've made vegetables, a fried egg, cheese and some sweets, take a look:

I chose to show you how to make a felt strawberry, so that you'll get the basic idea of play food. I must warn you however: Stitching felt together and produce all different kinds of food is addictive!! Especially when doing so whilst watching some episodes of your favorite show.

 Cute, isn't it?

- red & green felt
- scissors
- needle & yarn
- stuffing cotton
- pen

I drew a circle onto the red piece of felt and then cut out a 'slice', which should be about a quarter of the whole circle.

Then I worked my way all over the circle with small stiches, flipped it on the other side and sew it together on the open side.

 To close the strawberry I very loosely stitched around the upper end.

Before pulling the yarn and hence the strawberry together, I stuffed some cotton in the middle. 

 As last step I drew a circle onto the green felt, taking my strawberry as pattern. I just randomly cut out the leaves and with some stitches sew it to the strawberry. 

I love how the cheese and also the piece of pie turned out! I hope Emma likes them too! What's your favorite item?
Lots of love,

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015


Hello all,
I am taking a short break from christmas preparations to show you this super fun project. Not totally as I couldn't resist writing happy holidays and decorating it.  I love these IKEA chopping boards, they're extremely useful (especially when your kitchen is as small as ours and you're using it as counter top). Over time though you have to replace your board with a new one. I always found it sad to just throw the old board away. This week I suddenly had one of these heureka moments what to do with this piece of used wood: turn it into a chalkboard! As I am totally into (pretended) calligraphy at the moment, I wanted to do some chalkboard writing for a long time anyways.
So if you also need a break from all the glitter, tinsel, wrapping paper: take a look at how easy this project turned out. If you don't need a break: give the chalkboard to someone for christmas ;-) Unfortunately my camera stopped working in between the project, so there are some pics missing or blurry, sorry! But I think you'll get the idea.

I used:
- old IKEA chopping board
- chalkboard foil
- cutter
- ruler

I took my board and flipped it around (heureka moment). The strip which normally holds the board in place on your counter top is perfect to put pieces of chalk there later on. The small trench running around the board works just fine as boundary line for the foil.
Make sure that your board is clean and there are no breadcrumbs etc. stuck somewhere.

As this is the easiest of all easy projects, I didn't cut out a pattern but applied the foil directly to the board. I flattened the foil from the strip to the upper top, using a ruler to prevent blisters. 

I then traced the trench with my finger so I could see where I had to cut the foil. You'll want to hold the cutter slightly askew, that will make the cutting easier and the result will also look much better. As a last step I ripped off the overlapping foil.

Tadaaa! Your own chalkboard! This project was so much fun, I think I'll spend my evenings now practicing different fonts on my board. This would also look amazing in the kitchen, for shopping lists, menues or small notes.
What do you think of this little upcycling project?
Lots of love,