Montag, 16. November 2015


Today I want to talk a bit about inspiration. First, this is Webster's definition of "inspiration":

I've taken a lot of walks lately, first on both of my vacations in the US in the Summer and in the Fall, but also here in Austria.

And looking through the photos made me realize how much patterns, shadows, color combinations seem to inspire me. In New York, I took many many photos of what I call "urban textures", walls, buildings, of the way a shadow created a pattern on a sidewalk.

New York has beautiful buildings, and I always soak up every detail when I am there.

Street art! Especially around Soho and Little Italy, my favorite spots in Manhattan, there is always a mural around the corner. This one with the birds I spotted in Brooklyn, and I stood there for at least 10 minutes, my eyes following the curves and edges of the wings, the color combinations and the painted movements of the birds. Gorgeous.

A fading ad on a building, also in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood I hadn't been to before.

Next thing I am inspired by: shadows.

To me, inspiration does not mean that I automatically develop an idea for a project, a new purse or a poem. It means that I enjoy the visual, that I feel moved by it. It can, though, inspire me further and then, maybe, I want to print a pattern like a shadow on a purse.

Autumn is beautiful, and the color combinations that come with it.

Also, haptic. The surface feel of soft wool, and with it, all the colors and possible combinations.

Buildings. This double staircase in the heart of Graz, for example. It's gorgeous, and it made me think about jewelry making again.

I am also, definitely, inspired by artists and their work. I love watching someone create something in the field they are comfortable in. The energy that surrounds them when they act on their talent is beautiful and definitely makes me want to create things, too.

What are you inspired by?
Have a great start into the week!


  1. Beautiful images accompanied by beautiful words. Nice post Ida. Hope you had a great start into your week too!!!