Donnerstag, 26. November 2015


Hey there,
do you remember when I made a wreath to prettify our what we optimistically call "chocolate colored" front door? Well, it's about time I made a new one!  It was such a fun project and the apartment now smells a little bit like Christmas.

This is what I needed for the wreath:
- fir branches (at least 3)
- gardening wire
- secateurs (I couldn't find mine! So I used an old scissor)
- fir cones
- red berries on wire
- string/ ribbon

First, I cut off all the side branches, except for the ones on top.

Then I bent the branches (with both hands of course, but someone had to take a picture, right!?) and fixed two together with wire.

To close the circle, I fixed the third branch to the others and then bent the whole thing a little more.

I bundled 3-4 of the side branches together and then attached them to the wreath, wrapping the wire around the main branch.

If you want to make a full wreath, just continue to attach the fir branch bundles to the wreath until you've reached the beginning again. As I decided to try something new, I only put smaller branches on the wreath.
I fixed the fir cones with wire, so that they could be easily attached to the branches. Added the berries and I was almost done! To hang the wreath up on our door, I wrapped string around the upper middle of the wreath and made a knot.
I still hope that someday I'll wake up and our front door has magically changed its color (dark blue!), but I really like how the wreath makes it a lot nicer!
Hope you have a wonderful day,
lots of love,

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