Mittwoch, 11. November 2015


Happy crafty Wednesday everyone!
Autumn is really one of my favorite seasons, the bright colors, the cozy evenings, tea and biscuits... and it's also one of the craftiest seasons of the year, with christmas approaching!

This project was sitting in my apartment for a while, until I realized that soon there will be no more leaves to collect! So hurry up, put a scarf around your neck and go leaf hunting!


I am lucky to have an enormous fig tree in our back yard (surrounded by concrete, but still...). If you have no such luck, don't worry, there are a lot of leaves that will turn out great as a bowl!
For this project you'll need:

- leaves
- self-curing clay
- copper spray
- cutter
- aluminium foil
- rolling pin 
- sheet of baking paper
- sandpaper (optional)
- big cardboard/underlay for spraying
- gloves

Roll out the clay until about 1-0.5cm thick. My friend Sarah brought me a rolling pin from Kopenhagen, so I used my old one for this. I am not so sure if the clay can be removed residue-free from the pin.

Place your leaf on the clay and using the rolling pin, transfer your texture onto it.
First I wanted to keep the stem, but then decided against it as I thought it would turn out too fragile in the end.

Cut out the leaf, Either you put an effort into removing all the little bits of clay on the edges of the leaf, or you use sandpaper to get rid of them when the piece has dried.

To bring your bowl into shape, make a ring out of aluminium foil and place the leaf on top. Let it dry thoroughly. My leaves took about 1,5 days to hard-dry. 

Once the clay has dried you can head for the spraying part. Here is some advide on using spray cans:
- go outside
- wear old clothes & gloves
- figure out where the wind is coming from before you start spraying!

Apart from that, follow the instruction on your spray can and let the color dry completely. You even might want to leave the bowls outside of your apartment a little longer, as spray color has a rather penetrant smell.

These bowls might also be a good christmas gift for your mother/aunt/granny!

I hope you liked this nice little autumn project!
Have a wonderful rest of the week,
lots of love, Anne

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