Montag, 30. November 2015


It's holiday season, and Pinterest shows a huge variety of pretty gift wrapping ideas and options.

Holiday season is often also a time of financial shortage, struggles to pick out juuust the right thing for everyone and stressful long hours at work.

That's why I decided I'd show three very simple ways to wrap a gift, using things that are inexpensive and pretty.

First: brown paper. It's simple, good for the environment (well, at least not as bad as all those shiny glittery colored wrapping papers, no?), and a perfect backdrop for whatever else is going on on the packaging.

The first version is a very simple and quick DIY: I wrapped the gift in brown paper, used white ribbon to create a bowknot and then used those tiny Christmas tree ornaments. They come attached to wire and I simply cut the wire in half and wrapped the wire around the ribbon. The color options of ribbon and ornaments are endless!

Version two is the easiest and quickest. I simple drew a bow onto the brown paper, and also a small name tag. As you can see, I am not very talented with the pen... Well, at least it's very personal! :)

Version three, hello again, white ribbon! I attached a mistletoe onto the ribbon, tadaa, done. I think this is my favorite version, you can also use it to kiss the person the gift is for... In case it's your girlfriend or boyfriend, at least! Haha :)

What is your favorite way to wrap gifts?
Have a great week!

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