Dienstag, 24. November 2015


Hello my friends and Christmas - lovers!
Can you believe it? The year is nearly over and we'll celebrate Christmas in one month!! This next month we'll put extra effort into showing you different ideas, tutorials and recipes. I just love this season and I love to give everyone something homemade for Christmas.

In case you are not quite there yet, we have something special for you today: this is a little advent calendar diy, plus you can download and print the numbers for free! We thought you might like a little gift to get you motivated for all the tinkering. Hooray!

For the calendar you'll need:
- printer & paper
- brown/white paper bags
- glue
- puncher or tape
- holly (fake, on wire)/ribbon etc.
- lots and lots and lots of candy!

These are two "behind the scenes" pics. Please appreciate my effort to draw the numbers, I suffered from severe neck pain after finishing them (should get myself a proper office chair one of these days)

Anyway, let's have a look at those numbers:

Here you can print out the numbers in English....

....and here in German.

Print and cut out the numbers. Fold the upper edge, so that you'll know where to glue the number on the bag. Then fill in all the candy or little gifts that you want your loved ones to discover. I prepared the calender on a Sunday, and believe it or not, there was not one piece of candy left in the house! I'm glad that I still have a couple of days to gather all the goods for the calendar.

Make a hole with the puncher and pull through your wire or ribbon and adjust it around the number You could also just put sticky tape on the backside if you're not into the kitschy type of thing. Done! Only 23 more bags to go :-D

I hope the calendar gets you motivated for advent! What do you think of it? If you make one of your own, send us a pic!
Lots of love, Anne

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