Montag, 30. November 2015


It's holiday season, and Pinterest shows a huge variety of pretty gift wrapping ideas and options.

Holiday season is often also a time of financial shortage, struggles to pick out juuust the right thing for everyone and stressful long hours at work.

That's why I decided I'd show three very simple ways to wrap a gift, using things that are inexpensive and pretty.

First: brown paper. It's simple, good for the environment (well, at least not as bad as all those shiny glittery colored wrapping papers, no?), and a perfect backdrop for whatever else is going on on the packaging.

The first version is a very simple and quick DIY: I wrapped the gift in brown paper, used white ribbon to create a bowknot and then used those tiny Christmas tree ornaments. They come attached to wire and I simply cut the wire in half and wrapped the wire around the ribbon. The color options of ribbon and ornaments are endless!

Version two is the easiest and quickest. I simple drew a bow onto the brown paper, and also a small name tag. As you can see, I am not very talented with the pen... Well, at least it's very personal! :)

Version three, hello again, white ribbon! I attached a mistletoe onto the ribbon, tadaa, done. I think this is my favorite version, you can also use it to kiss the person the gift is for... In case it's your girlfriend or boyfriend, at least! Haha :)

What is your favorite way to wrap gifts?
Have a great week!

Freitag, 27. November 2015


This week it has been getting colder and colder, and I even saw some snowflakes! As winter is approaching fast now, I thought it would be nice to eat something hot and spicy. My sister-in-law made this curry for us once and it was just so delicious. Yesterday evening was the perfect time to try her recipe... maybe not the best time to take pictures but I think you'll get the idea!

Yellow curry with chicken & cashews (serves 2):
- 2 chicken breasts
- 2 middle-sized carrots
- 3 green onions
- 1 pk yellow curry paste
- 400 ml coconut milk
- 100 g cashew nuts (roasted, unsalted)
- basmati rice
- 2 tbsp vegetable oil

Chop onions and carrots, and together with the sliced chicken breast roast in a frying pan, using the vegetable oil. Mix in the curry paste and half of the coconut milk. Stir a little to let the aroma grow, then add the rest of the milk. Then you just have to let the curry simmer for a while, until the chicken is cooked. Oh yes, set up water for the rice and then do whatever you do to cook rice, I am still not able to cook rice! Shame on me, but I' ve almost came to terms with it!
Before serving, throw in the cashews and decorate with some leftover green onion bits.

Bon appétit my friends!
Have a super weekend,
lots of love,

Donnerstag, 26. November 2015


Hey there,
do you remember when I made a wreath to prettify our what we optimistically call "chocolate colored" front door? Well, it's about time I made a new one!  It was such a fun project and the apartment now smells a little bit like Christmas.

This is what I needed for the wreath:
- fir branches (at least 3)
- gardening wire
- secateurs (I couldn't find mine! So I used an old scissor)
- fir cones
- red berries on wire
- string/ ribbon

First, I cut off all the side branches, except for the ones on top.

Then I bent the branches (with both hands of course, but someone had to take a picture, right!?) and fixed two together with wire.

To close the circle, I fixed the third branch to the others and then bent the whole thing a little more.

I bundled 3-4 of the side branches together and then attached them to the wreath, wrapping the wire around the main branch.

If you want to make a full wreath, just continue to attach the fir branch bundles to the wreath until you've reached the beginning again. As I decided to try something new, I only put smaller branches on the wreath.
I fixed the fir cones with wire, so that they could be easily attached to the branches. Added the berries and I was almost done! To hang the wreath up on our door, I wrapped string around the upper middle of the wreath and made a knot.
I still hope that someday I'll wake up and our front door has magically changed its color (dark blue!), but I really like how the wreath makes it a lot nicer!
Hope you have a wonderful day,
lots of love,

Dienstag, 24. November 2015


Hello my friends and Christmas - lovers!
Can you believe it? The year is nearly over and we'll celebrate Christmas in one month!! This next month we'll put extra effort into showing you different ideas, tutorials and recipes. I just love this season and I love to give everyone something homemade for Christmas.

In case you are not quite there yet, we have something special for you today: this is a little advent calendar diy, plus you can download and print the numbers for free! We thought you might like a little gift to get you motivated for all the tinkering. Hooray!

For the calendar you'll need:
- printer & paper
- brown/white paper bags
- glue
- puncher or tape
- holly (fake, on wire)/ribbon etc.
- lots and lots and lots of candy!

These are two "behind the scenes" pics. Please appreciate my effort to draw the numbers, I suffered from severe neck pain after finishing them (should get myself a proper office chair one of these days)

Anyway, let's have a look at those numbers:

Here you can print out the numbers in English....

....and here in German.

Print and cut out the numbers. Fold the upper edge, so that you'll know where to glue the number on the bag. Then fill in all the candy or little gifts that you want your loved ones to discover. I prepared the calender on a Sunday, and believe it or not, there was not one piece of candy left in the house! I'm glad that I still have a couple of days to gather all the goods for the calendar.

Make a hole with the puncher and pull through your wire or ribbon and adjust it around the number You could also just put sticky tape on the backside if you're not into the kitschy type of thing. Done! Only 23 more bags to go :-D

I hope the calendar gets you motivated for advent! What do you think of it? If you make one of your own, send us a pic!
Lots of love, Anne

Montag, 16. November 2015


Today I want to talk a bit about inspiration. First, this is Webster's definition of "inspiration":

I've taken a lot of walks lately, first on both of my vacations in the US in the Summer and in the Fall, but also here in Austria.

And looking through the photos made me realize how much patterns, shadows, color combinations seem to inspire me. In New York, I took many many photos of what I call "urban textures", walls, buildings, of the way a shadow created a pattern on a sidewalk.

New York has beautiful buildings, and I always soak up every detail when I am there.

Street art! Especially around Soho and Little Italy, my favorite spots in Manhattan, there is always a mural around the corner. This one with the birds I spotted in Brooklyn, and I stood there for at least 10 minutes, my eyes following the curves and edges of the wings, the color combinations and the painted movements of the birds. Gorgeous.

A fading ad on a building, also in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood I hadn't been to before.

Next thing I am inspired by: shadows.

To me, inspiration does not mean that I automatically develop an idea for a project, a new purse or a poem. It means that I enjoy the visual, that I feel moved by it. It can, though, inspire me further and then, maybe, I want to print a pattern like a shadow on a purse.

Autumn is beautiful, and the color combinations that come with it.

Also, haptic. The surface feel of soft wool, and with it, all the colors and possible combinations.

Buildings. This double staircase in the heart of Graz, for example. It's gorgeous, and it made me think about jewelry making again.

I am also, definitely, inspired by artists and their work. I love watching someone create something in the field they are comfortable in. The energy that surrounds them when they act on their talent is beautiful and definitely makes me want to create things, too.

What are you inspired by?
Have a great start into the week!