Montag, 26. Oktober 2015


I visited my friend Lydia last week in Connecticut. Lydia, her husband Jonathan and their pets Columbus and Millie had just moved into their new place all the way from San Diego - where she built this amazing fire pit, do you guys remember that? - and I knew it was going to be fun to see how they would turn this place into their own.

I got there, sat down, had a coffee, and then Lydia said "you might want to get your camera ready, I'm turning this ladder into a pot rack. You could turn this into a blog post!"

Oh hell yeah!

So here is what you'll need, aside from a tape measure, a power drill and a hammer:

And of course, a ladder!

We held the ladder up high to see where Lydia wanted it and then she measured the distance starting from the edge of the ceiling, so that both ends of the ladder were equally even.

She drilled the four holes and then hammered in the dowels.

Then she added the hooks, and the chain on which the ladder would be mounted. We played around with the spacing between ladder and ceiling and hung the ladder.

Isn't that something? The last step was to add the pots, pans, cutting boards, and colander, 
and that was it!

This is a very nice way to add space to a kitchen. All these pots and pans would have filled the cabinets up in no time. I also like how accessible they now are!

Thank you, Lydia! Lots of love to Connecticut!

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