Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015


Happy-almost-Halloween my friends!
For all of you who are in need of some extra decoration ideas, here is our halloween lantern!
I found this project on the internet and was amazed about how easy the lantern was done and how amazing it turned out! This would also be a great project for older kids.

For this lantern you'll need:
- Piece of black paper (I used normal colored drawing paper but I think construction paper would be the better choice!)
- ruler
- white pencil
- scalpel (excato knife)
- white baking paper
- glue
- led light (color-changing light is definitely the best choice!)

First of all I made the outlines of the lantern, dividing the paper into 4 sections. Make sure you add an extra stripe at the end with which you will glue the lantern together at the end.

As second step I drew tombstones, a cat, trees etc. into my 'windows', as well as branches on top of the lantern.

Then I cut out all the figures. Was more fun than I expected!

I folded the edges of the lantern with my ruler.

I then glued the baking paper onto the cut-out, making sure that all the small branches stick to the paper.

At last, I glued the sides of the lantern together. That was it! Soooo easy!! Now you just have to put the lantern over the LED light and congratulate to your own Halloween lantern!

My boyfriend and I are heading to Venice over the weekend, so be prepared for some nice little city insights.
Happy Halloween!
love, Anne

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