Dienstag, 1. September 2015


Hello all,
this is a fun little project! It requires a minimum of material and time and is also a good occupational therapy for kids on rainy days (yes, autumn is coming!).

For my watercolor postcards I used:
- aquarell paper (you can buy aquarell postcards at any craftstore, but of course I didn't have some at home, therefor I just cut out 4 rectangulars from one sheet of paper)
- aquarell colors
- brushes (different sizes)
- white paint
- glass of water 
- pinch of salt

First of all I applied some water on my postcards. That way the colors will blend in much better.

I started with a nice purple/red color. Think of a color scheme first, the paint dries rather quickly.

With the help of a little more water you can avoid harsh lines.

To get some extra texture on the card, I sprinkled some salt on it while the paint was still wet.

I waited until the paint was dry and brushed off the salt. With a pencil I then outlined my words. Unless you have a super-fine brush and a really steady hand, don't make the words too small. Then I simply traced my pencil outlines with white color. I had to go over the words 2-3 times, so that the white color contrasts from the background.

There is an endless variety of colors, quotes and symbols. Send me a pic from your favorite card!
Have a nice Tuesday,
lots of love, Anne

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