Donnerstag, 10. September 2015


Hello all,
I made this note organizer yesterday and thought I share this fun little project with you. As there is not a single wall in our apartment where I could hang up a pin board, this organizer is a nice alternative. 

This is what I needed for my organizer:
- a total of 28 rectangular paper sheets (I used two colors)
- a piece of cardboard, slightly smaller than the paper sheets, on which I marked a center line
- glue
- chopstick

First I covered the cardboard piece with glue and placed two paper sheets on top using the marked middle line as indication. Then I put some more glue onto the middle line and folded both sheets to the center, pressing them down.

For the rest of the organizer it is pretty much the same: put glue on the middle line, place sheets on top, put some more glue on the middle line and fold/press the sheets to the center. Already I had to wash my hands, as my tolerance limit of sticky fingertips is extremely low.

In between I pressed the sheets down gently.

When I glued all the paper sheets together, I used the chopstick to make some of the folding edges round again. And that was the whole project! I really like that you can still see the pattern of the folded sheets when looking at the organizer sideway, didn't think of this effect at all!

I am sure I will make a couple of these soon, just think how cool a black & gold organizer would look! Old city maps and newspapers might also be worth a try. Which color combination would you choose?
Lots of love,

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