Montag, 7. September 2015


Aside from our love for crafting, spontaneous travelling and all things watermelon, another thing that Anne and I have in common is our never endling love for books. Back when we shared an apartment we would often spend our evenings or Sundays in the living room or on our tiny kitchen balcony, reading side by side, coffee and chocolate or watermelon on the table.

Still, we often talk about which books we just finished or which one we are currently reading, and since I've been trying to keep my netflix time to a minimum these days, I've spent more time reading lately. It's just too easy to slip into this comfortable routine of coming home from work (or finishing a sewing project), fixing a cup of coffee and switching on netflix as soon as I hit the couch. But seriously, I've noticed I've been reading less ever since I got the netflix account. I haven't owned a TV in years, and eventhough I've always enjoyed watching some TV shows - Sons of Anarchy ♡ - or documentaries (I recommend this, this or this) while I sew, this habit needs. to. stop.

So I've kept the netflix tab closed lately and have finally managed to finish the three books I've bought in the States. All of them were enjoyable and I can highly recommend them. 

"On Writing" by Stephen King
"Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin
"Grow Your Handmade Business", by Kari Chapin

Anyway. I want to show you a DIY for book lovers today, simple and cute.

You'll need:

- white printer paper
- colored paper in three colors
- a paper cutter or scissors
- a ruler
- super glue
- a pen to adorn the spine
- thread
- and a chain

I decided I wanted to books to measure roughly 0.78 inch (2 cm) by 0.60 inch (1,5 cm), with a 0.20 inch (0,5 cm) spine. So I cut the pages exactly 0.78 x 0.60. And lots of them.

I cut the covers - you can obviously use paper in any color you'd like, even patterned ones might look cute! - and adorned the spine by drawing two lines on each spine with a white pen. You could even add a title, a date or good wishes if it was a gift.

For the next step I used a piece of cardboard to protect my desk from the super glue - you can never know. I estimanted the amount of pages needed to fill the book, added the glue to the spine, put the pages in and pressed them onto the spine.

The gorgeous paper clips also helped to secure everything. I let them fully dry for about 10 minutes.

I glued the books together, wrapped them up with thread and added a connector and a chain.

Also, this stamp you see in the photo above? I had it custom made, so I could stamp all my books. Two other book lovers in my family, my mom and my stepdad, also got them for Christmas last year. I love when I buy a new book - or find an old one at a flea market, for that matter - and then I open the cover and stamp the title page. I just love it.

I really like this new necklace! It's nice how simple this project is and that I was able to use materials I had already at home. Which colors would you pick for the covers?

Have a great start into the new week!

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