Montag, 14. September 2015


Autumn has arrived in Graz and eventhough I am a lover of all things Summer, I enjot it immensely. All those colors, pumpkin soup on the stove, Halloween!, which is something I love but that we don't celebrate here in Austria.

The only thing about Fall that I am not so fond of is the rain, just because it complicates things when I leave the house. Riding a bike to work in the rain isn't fun. But the sound of the rain is nice, and it always makes me think of my Mom and Grandma saying things like "Finally, rain. The plants can really use the water."

Which is how this little brooch happened. I was cleaning up my table, about to start a new project, and then I saw the felt and the yarn.

You'll need:

- felt, grey or white
- yarn, blue
- brooch backs
- super glue
- a needle
- scissors

I started by outlining the shape of a cloud onto the back of the felt, and drew a larger and a smaller one. You could use Pinterest for reference but since the shape is simple, it worked out just fine.

I cut the shapes and picked the larger one for my project.

The next step was to add the "rain" to the cloud. I stitched through the lower end of the cloud toward the back, decided on the length and added a knot on both ends.

Since it was simpler to just glue the ends onto the cloud, I refrained from knotting after the second piece of yarn. Then I glued the needle onto the backing, let it dry, and...

...all done! A cloudy Fall accessory. If you want to add a little bling, you could put beads on the endings, too!

Enjoy your week!

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