Montag, 14. September 2015


Autumn has arrived in Graz and eventhough I am a lover of all things Summer, I enjot it immensely. All those colors, pumpkin soup on the stove, Halloween!, which is something I love but that we don't celebrate here in Austria.

The only thing about Fall that I am not so fond of is the rain, just because it complicates things when I leave the house. Riding a bike to work in the rain isn't fun. But the sound of the rain is nice, and it always makes me think of my Mom and Grandma saying things like "Finally, rain. The plants can really use the water."

Which is how this little brooch happened. I was cleaning up my table, about to start a new project, and then I saw the felt and the yarn.

You'll need:

- felt, grey or white
- yarn, blue
- brooch backs
- super glue
- a needle
- scissors

I started by outlining the shape of a cloud onto the back of the felt, and drew a larger and a smaller one. You could use Pinterest for reference but since the shape is simple, it worked out just fine.

I cut the shapes and picked the larger one for my project.

The next step was to add the "rain" to the cloud. I stitched through the lower end of the cloud toward the back, decided on the length and added a knot on both ends.

Since it was simpler to just glue the ends onto the cloud, I refrained from knotting after the second piece of yarn. Then I glued the needle onto the backing, let it dry, and...

...all done! A cloudy Fall accessory. If you want to add a little bling, you could put beads on the endings, too!

Enjoy your week!

Donnerstag, 10. September 2015


Hello all,
I made this note organizer yesterday and thought I share this fun little project with you. As there is not a single wall in our apartment where I could hang up a pin board, this organizer is a nice alternative. 

This is what I needed for my organizer:
- a total of 28 rectangular paper sheets (I used two colors)
- a piece of cardboard, slightly smaller than the paper sheets, on which I marked a center line
- glue
- chopstick

First I covered the cardboard piece with glue and placed two paper sheets on top using the marked middle line as indication. Then I put some more glue onto the middle line and folded both sheets to the center, pressing them down.

For the rest of the organizer it is pretty much the same: put glue on the middle line, place sheets on top, put some more glue on the middle line and fold/press the sheets to the center. Already I had to wash my hands, as my tolerance limit of sticky fingertips is extremely low.

In between I pressed the sheets down gently.

When I glued all the paper sheets together, I used the chopstick to make some of the folding edges round again. And that was the whole project! I really like that you can still see the pattern of the folded sheets when looking at the organizer sideway, didn't think of this effect at all!

I am sure I will make a couple of these soon, just think how cool a black & gold organizer would look! Old city maps and newspapers might also be worth a try. Which color combination would you choose?
Lots of love,

Montag, 7. September 2015


Aside from our love for crafting, spontaneous travelling and all things watermelon, another thing that Anne and I have in common is our never endling love for books. Back when we shared an apartment we would often spend our evenings or Sundays in the living room or on our tiny kitchen balcony, reading side by side, coffee and chocolate or watermelon on the table.

Still, we often talk about which books we just finished or which one we are currently reading, and since I've been trying to keep my netflix time to a minimum these days, I've spent more time reading lately. It's just too easy to slip into this comfortable routine of coming home from work (or finishing a sewing project), fixing a cup of coffee and switching on netflix as soon as I hit the couch. But seriously, I've noticed I've been reading less ever since I got the netflix account. I haven't owned a TV in years, and eventhough I've always enjoyed watching some TV shows - Sons of Anarchy ♡ - or documentaries (I recommend this, this or this) while I sew, this habit needs. to. stop.

So I've kept the netflix tab closed lately and have finally managed to finish the three books I've bought in the States. All of them were enjoyable and I can highly recommend them. 

"On Writing" by Stephen King
"Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin
"Grow Your Handmade Business", by Kari Chapin

Anyway. I want to show you a DIY for book lovers today, simple and cute.

You'll need:

- white printer paper
- colored paper in three colors
- a paper cutter or scissors
- a ruler
- super glue
- a pen to adorn the spine
- thread
- and a chain

I decided I wanted to books to measure roughly 0.78 inch (2 cm) by 0.60 inch (1,5 cm), with a 0.20 inch (0,5 cm) spine. So I cut the pages exactly 0.78 x 0.60. And lots of them.

I cut the covers - you can obviously use paper in any color you'd like, even patterned ones might look cute! - and adorned the spine by drawing two lines on each spine with a white pen. You could even add a title, a date or good wishes if it was a gift.

For the next step I used a piece of cardboard to protect my desk from the super glue - you can never know. I estimanted the amount of pages needed to fill the book, added the glue to the spine, put the pages in and pressed them onto the spine.

The gorgeous paper clips also helped to secure everything. I let them fully dry for about 10 minutes.

I glued the books together, wrapped them up with thread and added a connector and a chain.

Also, this stamp you see in the photo above? I had it custom made, so I could stamp all my books. Two other book lovers in my family, my mom and my stepdad, also got them for Christmas last year. I love when I buy a new book - or find an old one at a flea market, for that matter - and then I open the cover and stamp the title page. I just love it.

I really like this new necklace! It's nice how simple this project is and that I was able to use materials I had already at home. Which colors would you pick for the covers?

Have a great start into the new week!

Mittwoch, 2. September 2015


During the Summer months I enjoy acoustic tracks the most. I don't know if that's the case because I long for bonfires at the beach and THE BEACH and moooore Summer nights, or because I don't want to give up on song writing just yet. 

Whatever the reason, the combination of a guitar and a great voice is raw and pure and takes talent. I admire that. Oh boy, I wish I didn't suck at song writing. Also, it's the perfect music to sing along on long drives with the windows down!

Enjoy the playlist, friends! And the last few hot Summer nights. And some photos of the days I spent at the Jersey Shore - sooo beautiful. 

And for all of you who live near the beach and are planning a bonfire for the weekend - I wish I had your life.

Dienstag, 1. September 2015


Hello all,
this is a fun little project! It requires a minimum of material and time and is also a good occupational therapy for kids on rainy days (yes, autumn is coming!).

For my watercolor postcards I used:
- aquarell paper (you can buy aquarell postcards at any craftstore, but of course I didn't have some at home, therefor I just cut out 4 rectangulars from one sheet of paper)
- aquarell colors
- brushes (different sizes)
- white paint
- glass of water 
- pinch of salt

First of all I applied some water on my postcards. That way the colors will blend in much better.

I started with a nice purple/red color. Think of a color scheme first, the paint dries rather quickly.

With the help of a little more water you can avoid harsh lines.

To get some extra texture on the card, I sprinkled some salt on it while the paint was still wet.

I waited until the paint was dry and brushed off the salt. With a pencil I then outlined my words. Unless you have a super-fine brush and a really steady hand, don't make the words too small. Then I simply traced my pencil outlines with white color. I had to go over the words 2-3 times, so that the white color contrasts from the background.

There is an endless variety of colors, quotes and symbols. Send me a pic from your favorite card!
Have a nice Tuesday,
lots of love, Anne