Freitag, 21. August 2015


Weekend! Finally!
Here is a little idea for a great seasoning oil. I really like the taste of garlic (being born in South Korea, what else would you expect?!), however what I really don't like is the smell on my fingers. Even days after slicing garlic I feel like I can still smell garlic on my hands (I know, lemon juice blabla - it's more an imagination sort of thing to be honest). This oil is super for seasoning salads, meat, fish. My favorite thing though is to spread some of this garlic oil on slices of ciabatta, let it roast in the oven and it eat warm with fresh tomatoes. 

I used a rather small bottle for my garlic & herb oil for the simple reason that I had it at home. According to the size of you bottle/container you'll need to add more olive oil, herbs and garlic. I used half a garlic clove, a mixture (store-bought, I admit) of marjoram, thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil and savory and about 250ml olive oil.

I sliced half of a garlic clove into small pieces and together with the herbs, poured it into the bottle. Then I filled the bottle up with olive oil. Done.

I keep my garlic oil in the fridge, but I am sure that you don't have to. Of course there are a lot of varieties of this oil, adding chili, different herbs, ginger etc. Do you have any favorite recipes for seasoned olive oil? Let me know!!
Have a wonderful weekend,
lots of love, Anne

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  1. Love your site and all your adventures and travel recommendations. I think making herb-infused oils is fun/tasty, but you might warn your readers, via Colorado State University Extension: