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All good things come in threes, and this marks the last of my travel posts from my USA vacation. I haven't really written anything about food, and that's just impossible!

So let me share some of my favorite food spots with you. Some places I discovered when I was passing by, some are places I used to frequent back when I lived there and some were recommended to me by friends.

In no particular order:

#1 - Lombardi's - 32 Spring Street

Back in '08, the nice couple that hosted me and my friend for our first week in New York, invited us for dinner there. The pizza was delicious and I loved the atmosphere. Whenever I had visitors from Austria we went there. This time around my friend Ellen and I were walking around the neigborhood when we noticed we were hungry - obviously we had to go to Lombardi's! It was sooo good.

#2 Candle Cafe - 1307 3rd Avenue between 74th and 75th Street

Organic vegan food to die for, super friendly staff and a lovely location. A good excuse to visit the upper east side, an area that I almost never frequent. I highly recommend the crispy cajun salad, the black bean & quinoa burger and lasagna.

#3 Olea - 171 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

I had the wild arugula salad - organic goat cheese croquettes, pear and candied pistachios... need I say more? Very tasty, fresh food, the waiter was super nice, too. A lovely seating area outside, facing gorgeous brownstones.

#4 L&B Spumoni Gardens - 2725 86th Street, Brooklyn

I forgot to take a photo of the location and the ice cream... Because it was sooo gooooood. I went there pretty late at night and picked up the vanilla, chocolate and pistacchio combo. I LOVE PISTACCHIO ICE CREAM, caps to emphasize, and this one was so good that I went back for another one on the very next day. I love ice cream. It was amazing.

#5 Balthazar - 80 Spring Street

It was crazy crowded and our tiny table almost did not fit our plates, but the food was extremely good and the atmosphere was very interesting, sooo much to see! The tiny adjoined bakery is a plus, too! Eclairs from heaven, coffee good, too.

#6 Organika89 7th Avenue South

Fresh, organic food, a cute outdoor seating area and very convenient wall plugs for when two of three cell phones are dead. I went there with two friends and we shared the truffle polenta fries, the beet salad and eggplant parmigiana. Very tasty, friendly staff and across the street from...

#7 Big Gay Ice Cream - 61 Grove Street

I had heard and read so much about it that I needed to give it a try. It was definitely interesting but on hindsight not worth the $$. It was my fault though, I ordered a vanilla something something with caramel and salt and discovered that salted caramel is not a favorite of mine. Also, after I had tried the spumoni the day after (and the day after that), that's basically the only ice cream I'll ever eat in NYC.

#8 Foragers - 56 Adams Street, Brooklyn

This market deserves a special spot on this list. I discovered it on a very hot and humid day when I had been walking what felt like all over Brooklyn for hours, it was really nice, but at this point I was starving and thirsty and needed a break badly.

I walked in there and it was perfection. Aside from the huge variety of goodness - organic veggies, fruit, sandwiches, juices, fresh cookies and pastries, annnnything and everything a hungry Ida could ask for - I love American food stores and grocery stores A LOT. Just walking around, looking at labels makes me happy (I am weird like that). Anyway, I highly recommend the soppressata & mozzarella sandwich and the juice mix "washington street" (carrots, beets, apple, pear, ginger). YUM. For dessert I bought a coconut cookie sandwich with chocolate filling - it was tiny and very very good and I ate it on the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the sunset, listening to a classical symphony. It was awesome.

Also, I bonded with the girl behind the counter over my "coffee straight up" t-shirt and had an interesting conversation with her, that was nice. I just love, love, LOVE how openminded, interested and friendly New Yorkers are, as long as you're not standing in their way.

#10 A Half Pint - 76 West 3rd Street

While my friend and I both picked the eggs benedict, he added bacon and I added spinach. The pub has a great brunch menu and the food was really good - the coffee was not, unfortunately. No biggie, we went right to Box Kite Coffee later and the coffee there made more than up for it!

Do you have any favorite spots in NY that you would like to share? Leave a comment!

XO, Ida

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