Donnerstag, 27. August 2015


I was searching for new ideas and found a tutorial for a super cute felt robot on pinterest. I fell in love and knew I immediately had to make one. This robot could also be a cool present for kids, just think of all the colour/pattern combinations!

This is what I used for the felt robot:
- 3 sheets of felt in different colours
- scissors
- needle & thread
- ruler
- filling cotton
I will use my sewing machine for the next robot, as I am not really patient when it comes to hand-sewing.

I marked all the outlines for the squares, plus cut out the heart and the eyes.

I started with sewing together the squares for arms & legs.

I left one side open, to fill the arm/leg with filling cotton, then stiched up the rest. 

Then I sewed the heart and eyes on to the corresponding squares (to be honest, I started by stitching the heart onto the head-square and had to redo everything). I also stichted some eyelashes on top.

For the head, I repeated all steps I took for sewing together the arms & legs.

I sewed together the squares for the body and placed head, arms and legs onto it. Then I just simply stichted them onto the body parts.

My last step was to sew the edges together, fill in the cottin and close the back of the robot.

What a nice little fella! What do you think of him?
Lots of love,

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