Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015


I went to Philadelphia, not knowing what to expect. All my friends said was "CHEESE STEAK CHEESE STEAK CHEESE STEAK" but I don't really care for beef.

All I knew was that there is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and I only knew about that because those 72 steps that lead to the entrance are the exact 72 steps that Rocky Balboa runs up in all of the movies, listening to "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti (because, who hasn't watched Rocky countless times. Right? Right.).

Posing with Rocky. Yeah. With that being said, I was open to anything and everything and wanted to see as much as possible within the three days I had planned on staying there.

I had the best dinner at Talula's Garden. The food was so good I forgot to even think about taking photos. The place is beautiful, we sat outside, surrounded by string lights, laterns and plants. Check out their website!

I shopped at Aoki Boutique. Aoki is a wonderfully curated women's lifestyle and clothing boutique. I only bought a card and a tee, my already heavy suitcase in mind, but they also ship internationally - phew!

Great coffee - did you really think I would not mention coffee - at Plenty Café. Also, a beet, arugula and goat cheese salad, huge and amazing.

Another museum I visited was The Barnes Foundation. It has got a fascinating background story that you can read all about here

Also, Philly Magic Gardens. Philadelphia's museums all seem to have great background stories. This one was very interesting and fun. I'm interested in creative processes, in how creatives work, and this story was captivating.

And now for the even more visual part of the post: countless photos of the Philly beauty!

Thanks, Philly! I'll be back.

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