Montag, 27. Juli 2015


So. I spent a little over two weeks travelling around Philadelphia, New York City and a couple of places in New Jersey. The goal of this journey was to travel by myself, to see my friends from my year abroad again and to spend as much time in NYC as possible. Check, check, umm, no check. One simply does not spend a few days in NYC and calls that "as much time as possible", if you know what I mean.

It was HOT. It was humid. And I did not care. I like the heat and I was in NYC - that, to me, was perfection. Hello, East Village! Hello, endless walks all over downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn way past sundown. Hello, getting tattooed at a place I'd been wanting to check out for a looong time... More on that, another time.

And while these two weeks were an emotional rollercoaster of reunions, goodbyes, train rides, phone calls, beach sunrises with dolphins (yeah baby), early morning facetime sessions with my lovies at home, crazy animal encounters and the four best flights of my life, I still had to eat, drink, and find good coffee.

So let me tell you about that.

First of all: I do not like starbucks all that much. Or, at all really. I did go there a few times to buy iced coffee (coconut rice milk!), but only if I was unable to find an independend coffee shop.

My four favorite spots for coffee in NYC were:

4: Stumpton Coffee, at ACE Hotel, 20 W 29th Street

I had been there before, years ago. I walked in there on my first morning in NYC, super exhausted, 18 hours of travel behind me, 4 hours of sleep, and a stupid "I just arrived in NYC and cannot believe I am actually here" grin on my face. I ordered a double espresso and the barista's face lit up. He served me the cup of black gold with a complementary glass of pellegrino, and while I downed this much needed kick of energy and yumminess, we talked about coffee. It was nice. And the coffee was really good. Also, the lobby of the ACE hotel is a nice place to wander and at night, they have DJ's and anyone can enjoy the party, it's not just for guests of the hotel.

3: Balthazar80 Spring Street

I went there with a friend to have lunch, it's a bit pricey and was super crowded but the food was really really good. It's a place I have read so much about that I just needed to give it a try. After lunch we went into the tiny adjoined bakery and bought an eclair and coffee. And boy, that was great coffee! Also, the cups? Super cute. We sat down on a bench, talked for an hour and it was perfect.

2: Box Kite Coffee, 115 St. Mark's Place

How I discovered this place is a nice story. I was at St. Mark's Place, on Marky Ramone's actual birthday, just walking around the East Village. And then it started to pour unlike anything I had ever witnessed, just when I was on my way across the street. I had my camera with me and this baby cannot get wet. So I ran across the street and took shelter under a marquee. In the following half hour (the crazy rain would not stop!) I had conversations with four different people, all of them running toward the marquee, hiding there for a minute or two and then running off again. The last of the four was a guy who talked to me about music, travel, food, shoes, basically ANYTHING. It was really interesting. And when he was getting ready to run off again I asked him to recommend
 a GOOD coffee place in the area. He said "You're in the right place! Go to Box Kite and you're in for a treat!", so I followed his advice and... it lead me to good coffee. Box Kite Coffee is a tiny place with a window seat that had my name on it. I had a superlative double espresso and after I was done, so was the rain. If you're ever there, take a minute to read the blackboard sign thingies in front of the shop. I think, the owner writes on these and they are hilarious. Also, the banner/logo? Beautiful. In hindsight I wish I had bought an espresso cup with the logo on it. Well, next time!

1: Brooklyn Roasting Company, 25 Jay Street, Brooklyn

That was, hands down, the best coffee I had in NYC. First I tried an espresso and then an iced latte with almond milk. The place is spacious and in one of my favorite Brooklyn areas (there are two more in Brooklyn and one in the Flatiron district). Adjoining the coffee shop is a book store and the coffee shop itself is super interesting. Very high ceilings, laaaarge windows, mixed furniture, sandwiches are good, too!, and as I was standing there, a bit overwhelmed with the range of things that were available, a man next to me picked up on it and told me all about his favorites, which was nice.

That were my coffee favorites ;) If you know of any other NYC coffee places you think I might like, please leave a comment! I would love to try out new places.


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