Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015


...and suddenly it's summer! Oh, how I love this season. It just gives me that feeling that everything is possible, do you know what I mean?
Ida and I have been working hard these last couple of months, both having a couple of different jobs at the same time, carrying out projects, planning future ones and trying to stay creative in the meantime. Because, let's be honest, creativity keeps the both of us alive. 
What is the source of creativity? Right, inspiration.

 We got the feeling that we both need a good cup of inspiration. Ida went on a city trip from which she will come back full of new and wonderful impressions. I, living on a busy street, am seeking for silence, the time to draw and read the numerous books I bought recently. We will be back soon, fully inspired and filling this blog with amazing projects.
In the meantime: enjoy life! swim! read! laugh! and watch out for our next posts.
All the love,

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