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A few of you have asked us to translate the interview Ida gave last week to English. Sure thing! :)


Austrian Designer Ida Kreutzer is a small business owner, works parttime at a design store and appears on national TV once per month with a DIY segment. 

A lampshade, a shelf, a purse, jewelry... If Ida sees something she likes her first thought is whether or not this is something she could recreate. For herself, for others... Or now even on TV and on her blog.

Your life is quite busy with your small business, the tv appearances, your job at the store and your BA still in the works - where do you want to go with all this?

I don't quite know where I want to be in a year. That would only put pressure on myself. I do know, though, how I want to feel. That is important to me.

So how do you want to feel?

I want to be satisfied with my work. I want and need to work with my hands. I am happy when I hold a purse in my hands that I just finished. So many little steps and details the customers don't know about. They don't need to know about every detail that makes this bag what it is but I like knowing how much efford I put into it.

How come that a trained craftsperson and student of English and American Studies now builds shelves and and creates knitting tutorials for a blog?

If there is something that I need I try to create it. If I am not sure whether or not I can do it I usually give it a try. I'm not very good at sewing clothes yet, which my Mom is really good at. I created two patterns for a blouse and a top and if I need a new top, I just need to buy the fabric and get started.

So you are better at sewing bags, working with wood and crafting?

Yes, I like working with wood. When it comes to the bags, I am currently in the process of switching to using only organic fabrics that are sustainably produced. As a designer and manufacturer, I think I do have a responsibility. Currently I still own plenty of fabrics that are in fact not organic and need to use these up first. But I do like working with organic fabrics and plan on doing only that in the near future.

Are you never afraid of failure?

No, why? If I sew a blouse and it doesn't turn out right, I can still turn it into a top or a tee for my niece.

Not even afraid of an uncertain future as a designer?

No, I am not fixated on this profession. I can see myself living many different lives. I don't have a need for security in terms of "are you saving up enough?" but of course I have to make the financial side of things work.

So does that mean you are very brave?

(Laughs) My friends would laugh right now. I am scared often. But of that, no.

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