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Hello all,
today I am showing you how to make this cute origami lotus flower. It might look difficult at first but it is really easy. The lotus flower is a beautiful decoration for summer tables (thinking of garden party!!) and is also a lovely giveaway. I made tons of pics to show you, I hope you have fun!

You'll need:
- 2x pink and 2x white origami paper for petals (squares)
- 2x green origami paper for leaves (squares)
- scissors
- rubber band

First of all, fold all the squares in half and cut along the folded line.

We will start with the petals. 
1) take one of the rectangles and fold it in half
2) fold one corner to the middle line
3) repeat with the other three corners

4) Fold the long side to the middle line
5) repeat on the other side
6) flip the whole thing on the other side and fold it in half

As you can see, the folded corners are now on the outside. Repeat the steps for all remaining white and pink sheets.

Now the leaves:
1) repeat steps 1-5 from the petal tutorial
2) instead of flipping it on the other side, fold the sheet in half so that the folded corners are on the inside

Put the pink on the green sheet and the white on top. 

Take one of the white sheets and fold it in half. This will show you where to place the rubber band. Then assemble all the remaining sheets.

Place the assembled pieces together and fix them with your rubber band.

Squeeze the rectangles together, so that you end up with a star-shaped kind of thing.

Gently pull up the first petal with your fingers, then the next but one, then the next but one and so on and so on until you pulled up all the white petals.

Do the same with the pink petals.

For the leaves, open one sheet and press it down gently. Again, take the next but one..... until all leaves are open. Done! Tadaaa, wasn't that easy? 

I just love origami!! Do you have any favorite tutorials? Let me know,
love, Anne

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