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This time on tv, I am presenting such a variety of things that we decided to create not one, but three blog posts with the content.

Today I want to show you how to sew a gardening apron! And because sometimes, life is messy that way, I deleted the photos showing the individual pattern pieces off my phone with a bunch of other photos. Bear with me, please...

You'll need about 20 inches (0.5 m) of a wipeable fabric (I used pvc-coated cotton from marimekko), about 40 inches (1m) of bias tape in a color that goes well with your fabric, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Now measure the width of your pelvis and create a pattern, using the width and your preferred lenght of the apron. I created two slightly different kinds - you'll see on the show - depending on preference. That is pattern piece #1.

For #2, you cut a piece of fabric, again using the width of your hips and about 6 inches (15 cm) height. This will be the pocket.

For #3, cut a stripe about 4 inches (10 cm) longer than the width of your hips, and about 2 inches (5 cm) wide. This will be the tool holder.

First, fold over the lenghts of pattern part #3, and sew two straight lines, turning it into a pretty sturdy strip. The good thing about coated fabrics is that there is no need for hemming! Awesome!

The next step is to secure the strip on pattern part #1. Because pins would cause visible holes in the fabric, I opted to use tape. Worked great!

The first two seams I sewed were the ones on the edges.

Next, I divided the strip into smaller sections, again, securing them with tape, and sewed back and forth a couple of times per seam. That makes for a sturdy and durable seam, and I want these aprons to be super durable!


Next, I folded over the edge of pattern #2, sewed a straight line and repeated on the other side, sewing a double line there, just for nicer optics.

Again, holding it in place with tape, I added the pocket and sewed it in place.

This is what it looks like! The last step is now to add the bias tape on top so I can actually tie it around my waist. I used some fabric leftovers to to hem the apron. You could also use bias tape for that!

And that is the finished apron, ready to be used around the garden or balcony!
XO, Ida

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