Montag, 8. Juni 2015


Ida here! ;) I have been on Instagram for a few years now and it's definitely become my favorite social media channel. During that time, I have discovered a couple of feeds I enjoy that I want to share with you.

Have you ever watched the travel show "Departures"? If you haven't, you should. Currently, the third season is being filmed for Netflix and I CANNOT WAIT. This is the instagram account of Justin, one of the tree guys, and it's really fun to see what they're up to during the filming!

A photographer from Brooklyn with an eye for both dance and skylines.

Texts from your Existencialist. Hilarious.

Beautiful images!

The New York Public Library. Book reviews by strangers, #bookfacefriday and lots and lots of book recommendations.

Gorgeous photos, love the idea. I hope I will remember shooting a few photos like that at some point.

A couple from Norway. Beautifully composed images with a scandinavian touch.

Zach Braff, because, Zach Braff.

Flashbacks, behind-the-scenes and more about famous films. Super enjoyable!

"A series of conversations we never had."

A writer with a heart of gold and a sense for poetry so lovely it always makes me happy.

A traveler with a great eye for imagery and the most captivating captions.

I do also have this thing with floors. And with doors, but that's just me.

My favorite NYC lifestyle blogger, a mix of images, stories about parenting, fashion, personal growth and New York City. Perfect.

Humans of New York, because it's the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.

And Sons of Anarchy, because I would have never thought I would ever like this show but ended up LOVING it. I blame it on Kurt Sutter, who is a fantastic writer and on parts of the cast who look hot as hell taking care of their business. Yes, I just wrote that.

Anyway. Are you guys on Instagram? Which feeds do you enjoy the most?
You can find me at @madebyida !
Have a great Monday (it is possible)!

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