Montag, 1. Juni 2015


A couple of weeks ago my friend Philipp called me, asking if I wanted to get out of town for a day. We talked about possible destinations - after all this is Europe, where you can cross three countries before breakfast - and decided on Trieste!

Trieste is a gorgeous harbor town in northern Italy. Italy!! I spent nearly every summer of my childhood in different parts of Italy. My parents would pack the car, we left at night, my sister and I fell asleep on the back seat and wake up to my dad, purchasing melons and peaches on the side of the road for a morning snack, already in Italy! I had not been there in a few years though and was dying to go again.

So Trieste it was. I got up at 4am, I picked up Philipp at 5:15, we drove through Austria and Slovenia and arrived in Trieste at 9:30. Perfect time for the first espresso!

We did not do a lot of research beforehand; Philipp had been there before and since the main reason for us to get away for a day was that we had worked really hard the weeks before, we basically wanted to walk around town, stop for espresso every now and then, enjoy the view at the harbor and enjoy the sunny day, far away from home (= work).

I found this gem at a flea market for 1€! Couldn't pass it up since it has got my name on it ;)

When we realized we were getting hungry, I asked a clerk at a store we were in for a recommendation for a good pizza place. That is my #1 tip for travelling: always ask people who actually live there for a recommendation. She was happy to help and pointed us toward a restaurant near the harbor. The food was delicious.

I took a break from not eating sugar that day, and I'm glad I did because the tiramisu was REALLY REALLY GOOD.

I loved the details on the buildings, the etched windows, the tiny shops full of antiquities and the record store we discovered. I purchased four records for 1€ each!! I also made sure to buy food. Pasta, coffee, bread, veggies, some fruit... The tomatoes - to die for. I cooked Pasta Marinara the next night and it was amazing. 

After lunch, we spent some time at the harbor, and then on our way home we stopped at Castello di Miramare. It's a castle on the gulf of Trieste, built in the 1900s. It was GORGEOUS. By the time we got there though I was so tired I didn't want to walk through the entire park. The part of it I did walk through - beautiful!

After our walk through the park we sat down on a ledge before getting into the car again, and enjoyed this breathtaking view.

Looking at the water and listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore calms me down like nothing else. I might be a whole different person if I lived closer to the ocean. Sitting there and watching the waves made me feel detached from the world, yet oddly in sync with it - if that makes sense? It feels timeless. I've always loved this quote by Jacques Costeau "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

When I was little, a very exciting part of our vacation was the moment when we drove around a bend and there it was - the ocean. It was basically the same this time around, I was driving and concentrating on the very curvy road when Philipp said "Aaaaahhh, LOOOOOK!!!", and I looked to the right, and there it was!

I did not want to leave. I could have stayed on this ledge for another hour, easily. But we did have to get home eventually, and I was lucky enough to be in the passenger seat for our way home.

Did you take a daytrip recently? Where to?
Have a great week!

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