Montag, 11. Mai 2015


In December, I participated in a design fair in my hometown, Graz. It was a small fair, only about eight designers, and very early into the afternoon, the heating system gave in. It was freezing cold, I didn't want to sit down, so I walked around the small room for hours just to keep warm. I looked through the stuff the other designers had on their racks and tables, talked to them and then started a looong conversation with Johanna.

Johanna designs clothes, the fabrics she uses are organic and fair trade, and some of her stuff is screen printed -  by herself. I was thoroughly impressed with her stuff and we hit it off right away. When we packed up our stuff later in the evening - still freezing! - we made plans to meet up for coffee and talk about a possible collaboration of some sorts.

Long story short: a lot of coffee breaks and creativity turned into a collaboration for a limited edition line of organic, fair trade hand bags! ♡

Johanna screen printed a gorgeous illustration, made by Austrian artist Eva Vaseghi, onto the fabrics and then I turned the fabrics into a total of 44 bags. The past two weeks were crazy. My apartment was covered in fabrics, zippers, patterns and coffee cups. I was (and still am) notoriously tired. Lucky for me, Johanna pre cut a lot of the fabric for me and then cooked, too!

We presented the bags this past Friday at koko mari and due to the fact that May is officially the month of design in Graz, info about our collaboration and the date and time of our presentation were advertised through their channel, which was obviously pretty cool!

We had a great time presenting our line! A lot of friends came out, two of my friends dj'ed for us and here are some photos of the bags and the party for you to check out:

It was a great afternoon / evening! A lot of friends came, my sister and my niece showed up for a surprised visit, and we had a great time.

A few of the bags are still available, if you are interested in purchasing please contact us via email:

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