Montag, 18. Mai 2015


I collect fabrics. I buy them everywhere I go. Fabric stores are, just like record stores, my poison.

These three were sitting on a shelf in a store and while I would not have purchased them individually, I liked the combination.

The fabric bracelets are a very simple and quick DIY and a nice small gift for kids or grown-ups ;) It is also a great project to use up scraps of fabric!

All you need, aside from the fabrics, are bracelet clips (I picked three different sizes), clasps and connectors. 

The process is really simple. I measured the width of the clips and cut the fabric with a seam allowance of about 5mm (about 0.20 inches) on each side. I sewed it with a whipstitch on both sides.

The next step is to add the clips and the clamps on both sides. And you're done!

And eventhough only a tiny bit of the pattern is visible, the three of them still look nice in combination.

Have a great Monday!

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