Montag, 4. Mai 2015


How time flies!! It's already May and I don't know where the last couple of weeks have gone... April was really a fun month at Our Creative Chaos, let's have a look at the different projects we showed you:

For her monthly appearance on the national television, Ida showed us how to make a beautiful laptop cover .

On a really rainy and windy Easter Monday I made these bookmarks.

Super cute idea: Ida transformed a simple wooden box into a lovely case for jewelry.

I showed you how to add a personal touch to your letters, postcards etc. with this stamp tutorial.

We also treated ourselves to some really good food:


For Easter Sunday, Ida dyed eggs with different kinds of vegetables. This was a trial and error kind of project and has been one of my favorite posts in April. Not only because she named the post 'dye or dye trying' (hilarious!) but also because she showed us that sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to. I made some no-deep-fry french fries and this strawberry and cream cake. In need for some soul food? Try Ida's sweet potato & chick pea stew.

Can't stop listening to the music Ida compiled for us this month!

For the one lovely blog award we both wrote down 7 random facts about ourselves - such a fun thing to do!

We asked you to vote whether you want to see how to make a hammock, a swing or a plant stand. You can still leave your vote here.

Finally, Ida preparing for her live performance and me holding a lavender pot over my head for no reason at all.
What were your favorite posts in April? 
Lots of love, Anne

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