Montag, 25. Mai 2015


Today I am showing you a nice little project you could easily do with kids. The friendly garden ghosts in fact help your plants to hold together and grow in the direction you want them to. It's a fun and quick diy project for a Sunday or holiday, leave alone a rainy day.

- chopsticks
- thick wire (I used an electric wire which I found under my desk)
- piece of thick paper
- scissors
- pencil and felt pen
- side cutter
- laminating machine or broad adhesive tape
- hole puncher

First of all draw your ghosts. You could also draw animals or symbols, whatever you like. Then cut them out.

Place the ghosts in between the film and laminate them. Don't worry if you don't have a laminating machine (I got one from my brother as birthday present a couple of years ago - thank you again!!), you can easily cover the ghosts with adhesive tape. It's the same procedure as I showed you when I made these bookmarks

Cut the wire with a side-cutter according to the length you need. I cut off two pieces with about 20cm length

With a hole puncher punch two holes. I'm sorry, holiday brain, can't make up a better sentence :-) lead the piece of wire through the holes.

Take one of the chopsticks and twist the wire around it. Take the stick out again and repeat with the other end of the wire.

Funny little ghost!

If you think your ghost is too wobbly, put some adhesive tape on the backside to stabilize the wire. Let the ghost embrace the stems of your plant, and pull the chopstick through its little 'hands'. Tadaaa - made yourself a little garden helper!

If you're wondering why our garden ghosts hold basil, which normally doesn't need any support, I can just say: we live in Vienna, facing the weather side, meaning wind, stormy wind, strong winds, wind.
Happy Monday to you all,

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