Montag, 13. April 2015

The Lovely Blog Award

Anja from Gänseblümchen & Sonnenschein nominated us for The Lovely Blog Award - thank you so much, Anja!

The rules of the game are 

- to give seven random facts about us

- to mention the person who nominated us and to add a link to their blog

- and to nominate other bloggers to do the same.

Alright. Let's get to it.

Seven random facts about Ida:

1. I've always wanted to have a dog. Preferably a GIANT alaskan malamute. Their name would be Atari, not because of the computer but because of the old Japanese game GO that I love.

2. My dreams are very vivid. I dream every night, and usually pretty funny stuff.

3. I cannot, for the life of me, cook rice. (Please don't give me advice on that... I've tried everything.)

4. I'm afraid of heights but I WOULD LOVE to try ziplining one day.

5. When I lived in the States I made a video one day with my point-and-shoot camera to show my dorm room and apartment to my friends and family back home. I called it "Ida - Guided Tour", and I ended up creating 24 videos total over the course of 10 months. I covered the Rose Bowl Tournament, three NFL games, a bunch of museums, the Jersey Shore, Santa Monica Pier, Coronado Island, and a lot of sites in New York City. I didn't think of it at that time but they're a great memory now.

6. I'm an ocean addict.

7. I have the tendency to minorly injure myself when working on projects and it's become a running gag among my friends. My friend Lydia sends me cute band-aids from the States sometimes, so if you see my hand in a photo with a Mickey Mouse band-aid on it, it's thanks to her.

Seven random facts about Anne:

1. I can't cook rice either!! What a shame for someone being born in South Korea, but I learned to live with it over the years. 

2. When not thinking about it first, I can't pronounce the German word for chest freezer straightaway, saying 'Kieftrühltruhe' instead of 'Tiefkühltruhe' (it IS a difficult word!!)

3. Finally overcoming a 'too old to start something like this' state of mind, I bought a longboard last year and I totally love it. I constantly dream that someone steals or destroys my longboard or use it as getaway car after a bank robbery (??).

4. Living next to a busy street, one of my specialized skills is the differentiation of alarm horns of the various emergency vehicles we have in the city. Might add that to my CV.

5. Watermelon addict!!

6. As a child I always wondered why the local news don't inform us about the numerous catastrophes happening in the US. Turned out to be action movies.

7. I love watching thunderstorms, especially in summer. Somehow lightning and thunder have a comforting effect on me.

Ida-Anne-friendship-random bonus-fact:
Way before you could buy take-away coffee at every corner we went for a Sunday walk with our coffee mugs in hand. That's how cool we are. Maybe we should add that - having spilt coffee all over our clothes (there is a reason for caps on take-away coffee) and feeling a little bit too wild with this whole experience - we only reached the next crossing. But we still like to think of us as take-away coffee pioneers ;-)

We nominate:

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