Mittwoch, 8. April 2015


March was a pretty busy and fun month! Let's see what we've been up to.

It's no secret that Anne is the cook around here! It used to be that way even back in the days when we shared our flat (although we ordered in a lot as well... Pizza lovers over here!). In March she made Bulgogi and Striezel and she showed us how to create the cutest cress pots. All I did was make a green juice! ;)

For my monthly tv segment I created a couch table. I haven't put it up yet to be honest because I am not happy with the legs I purchased. I did a lot of research and wasn't able to find decent legs for the table, so I'll have to build them myself and I haven't had the time to. I want to, though, and then I'm going to show you how the table looks on my balcony. 

I created hex nut earrings and gave you an overview of all my hardware store bling. Anne had the idea to use a paper doily and fabric dye to create an unique top! And because transforming t-shirts is fun she showed us another t-shirt makeover.

We also did some crafting with paper. Anne created the coolest 3-D cards and I "upcycled" a note book with marble adhesive paper (I could marble everything and anything!)

The mixtape volume three welcomed Spring (yeah, that one was a little premature on my part... Sorry about that), and the wonderful Natalie Jean interviewed me about my ever growing tattoo collection (go buy her book!!).

March was fun! Now we're really, really ready for Spring! April, did you hear that?
XO, Ida

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