Mittwoch, 29. April 2015


Hello my friends,
today I'm showing you how to make stamps. I just love stamps, they add a personal touch to everything!

You'll need:
- token
- a piece of sponge rubber
- pencil
- scissors
- glue
- ink pad

Mark the outline of the token on the piece of sponge rubber and draw the symbol or pattern in the middle. Then cut them out.

Don't make your pattern too small, unless you're really good in cutting out small things,  Which I am definitely not. My idea for the small dots was to have a kind of rain drop stamp, but as you can see below, it turned out as a flower. Not bad, but not what I intended to do.

Glue the cut-outs onto the bottom of the token - done!

You'll soon discover 2 things: 1) there is an endless number of items to be stamped in your apartement and 2) you got addicted to stamp everything. I stamped hearts on packaging paper to wrap my gifts last Christmas. Totally went off the rails. 

There are a lot of patterns and symbols that would look good as stamps, send us your best idea!
Love, Anne

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