Mittwoch, 15. April 2015


Whenever I travel I want to bring certain pieces of my jewelry along. I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, most of the time just one ring my Grandma gave to me but sometimes I want to bring along a few pieces I like so I can wear another accent ring or a necklace. (Hate earrings. They get caught in my hair too much)

Anyway. I never knew how to store them when travelling. And then at the craft store a few days ago I got inspired!

This jewelry box is a super simple and pretty quick DIY. Adding initials like I did or picking favorite colors for the box and the interior turns this simple DIY into a nice, personalized gift.


- wooden box
- letters, could be initials, a short name or even a phrase or quote if the letters were smaller
- paint
- felt


- screwdriver
- paintbrush
- glue
- scissors
- ruler

The cost for the materials was about 12€.

First I glued the letters to the box and let them dry. I decided to remove both parts of the lock for a cleaner look, it was easier to paint the box without it and then screw it back on once the paint was dry.

I painted two coats, letting the box dry thoroughly after the first and then second coat. 

I measured the felt and cut two rectangles to cover the top and bottom of the box. The next step was to add rolls of felt for the rings.

Therefore I cut two longer rectangles, added glue and simply rolled them up. 

I let it fully dry for an hour...

... and then screwed the lock back on.

Next time I travel - which will be next week, come to think of it - my jewelry will be safely stored! I'm pretty sure I'll make more of these boxes in the future.
XO, Ida


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