Mittwoch, 4. März 2015


I still like to jot down ideas and plans on paper. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a notebook at IKEA and while it was cheap, it sure wasn't pretty. I don't need a fancy notebook from an expensive brand but I want the stuff I surround myself with to look nice. And one day while I was working on an entirely different project, I noticed I still had a piece of leftover marble adhesive paper.


- notebook
- adhesive paper of your choice
- scissors

I liked the brown kraft paper look of the notebook, but wanted to cover the sketch on the front. So I cut a rectangle to cover front and back of the notebook with a little extra in lenght to tuck around the edges of the cover for better durability.

I removed the backing paper and made sure the edge of the paper was parallel to the edge of the notebook. Then I simply applied the sticky side of the adhesive paper to the notebook and smoothened the lenght of the paper onto the book using a ruler. I tucked the edges of the paper around the cover and tadaaa, that is all there is to it. Quite the simple DIY with great impact. Any color or pattern of your choice will do!

And while I was at it I added a little stripe to my calendar, too!
Which pattern would you use?

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