Montag, 23. März 2015


This is another DIY that's pretty simple and quick! When I first made these earrings it was late at night, I was watching a movie and taking inventory in the work studio I had back then. The three items needed for this project happened to land next to one another on my table and when I had enough of counting and cleaning I sat down to finish the movie and started to play around with the polymer clay. Just minutes later, beauties just like these were finished!


- hex nuts
- polymer clay
- earring base
- jewelry or super glue (not pictured)

The only thing to consider is to pick a hex nut bigger than the platform of the earring base so the silver surface does not show around the hex nut.

I formed little balls with the polymer clay, a bit larger than the hole of the hex nut and pressed them into the nuts. Then I smoothened the surface with my fingertips and made sure both looked similar.

The polymer clay I used needs to be baked for 30 minutes by 110°C. Whichever you use, it should have instructions on the packaging that you can follow. When removing them from the oven, keep in mind that the hex nuts are HOT!

The next step is to glue the hex nuts onto the earring bases and let fully dry. I've tried several super glues and jewelry glues over the years and wasn't quite happy with the durability. Then I read about this one and tried it. It's really good!

If you like the polymer clay to be matte, your earrings are done! I like mine to have a bit of a gloss, so I added a layer of transparent nail polish.

And that's it! I like the combination of blue and gold but you can obviously pick any color combinations you like. I'm thinking of making one more pair with silver hex nuts and white polymer clay... The possibilities! :)

I also found two rings I made a couple of years back. 
Which color combinations would you use?

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