Mittwoch, 25. März 2015


 When I saw a dinner table similar to this one on Pinterest I knew I had to recreate it at some point.

It turned out to be the easiest project yet!
I used the most inexpensive timber, it was 2,29€ per meter. 


9 x 1 m
12 x 20 cm
2 x 30 cm

Table legs

Power Drill
Wood Screws

First I picked the prettiest 5 slats for the table top. I laid them out flat and offset every other one (I chose to offset them for 7 cm).

The trickiest part is to decide on how to connect the table top horizontally. I decided on using cross beams and hand cut two notches each. This video helped me through the process.

 The next step is to add the other long slats on the sides and the short slaths, make sure to offset them as well.

 Add the legs, and then sand the whole thing down until smooth.

To make the table more durable, you can either paint it or oil it. I opt for oil whenever I can, it let's the wood breathe, contrary to paint who closes the wood off. Also, if you happen to  damage the table, you can easily sand the part and re-oil it again - that's way trickier with paint! 


My friend Raphael always gives me the best advice when it comes to wood. Check out his gorgeous stuff!

How would you design the surface of the table?

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