Mittwoch, 11. März 2015


Hello all,
I love to give small presents to my friends but I always find it difficult to find nice cards. That is why I started to make my own cards a couple of years ago. Today I'm showing you how to create unique 3-D cards. What I like about this project is that there are no bounds to your creativity!  

Gather all wrapping paper, magazines and cutouts you have flying around your home. You'll also need a few sheets of thicker paper, scissors, glue and a pen. 

Decide which color/pattern you'll like your card to have and glue it onto the thicker paper. Cut out the size and shape of your card. I went with a simple rectangle, but round or hard shaped cards also look very nice.

Cut out whatever you decide to be on your card and glue it to another piece of thicker paper, then cut it out. If you want some text on the card, write on the thicker paper and again cut it out. I like the extra personal note that handwriting adds to the whole thing, but you could also print out the phrase.

Cut out small stripes of the thicker paper and fold the edges. NOTE: write your message on the card BEFORE you take the next step. I know this seems logical, but sometimes you're so absorbed in a project that you might forget a (important) step.

Glue one end of the paper strip to your cutouts, then glue them on the card.

Your friends and family will love the personal touch the cards add to any present. I hope you liked this little project!
love, Anne

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