Montag, 9. Februar 2015


When I saw those origami diamonds at a friends house a couple of months ago I knew I needed to make them. I'm really bad with origami though, so I was hesitant. But they are so easy to make even I couldn't mess them up!

See for yourself:

You just start with origami paper ( I chose white but I imagine they would also look pretty in pastel colors). You need two sheets for one diamond. I wanted to create 3 diamonds, so I used 6 sheets.

I was planning on hanging those from the ceiling, so I also bought copper wire for the hooks and translucent nylon thread.

Start by folding the sheet in half, both straight and diagonal.

Tuck two of the corners inward.

Repeat with the other corners.

Fold the edge over to the middle and repeat.

Now cut off the tips.

Fold the tips inward, the direction does not matter as you will open them back up later. It's just about the fold...

...until it looks like this.

Open the folds and then the whole thing...

...and tuck the tips inward.

Now you've got half a diamond. Repeat with another sheet and glue two halves together.

Since I wanted to hang them I cut a tiny hole in 3 of the halves and added a hook made from the copper wire before I glued the halves together.

Aren't they pretty? Which origami figure is your favorite?

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