Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015


This project is an easy and cheap DIY with a huge effect. I needed a docking station for my phone so it wouldn't get lost under piles of fabrics and paper on my desk and came up with this idea.

Years ago I purchased a box of old books on the flea market, some of them were torn, some were literally ripped, but I've completed a couple of projects with them so far and don't have to feel bad for using a book because of the condition they are in.


- hardcover book
- pencil
- cutter
- charger cable for your phone

First I decided where I wanted to position the phone on the book. I wanted it to be smack in the middle of the cover, so I drew a mark on the inside of the cover.

When cutting the hole, pay attention to the size of the cable. The hole needs to be the exact size or slightly smaller than the cable. If it is too large the cable will be wonky and the phone will be unstable. You can always increase the size of the hole but making it smaller won't work, obviously :)

Once I've cut the hole I mark the spot on the pages...

...and cut a cable tunnel allllll the way through all the pages.

Once the cable tunnel is completed, I arranged the cable in the book and plugged it through the cover. And the project is completed!

There are a couple of other book projects in the works that we'll share with you soon!
Do you like the docking station?

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