Montag, 2. Februar 2015


Life is busy. We run from one job to another, from the first meeting to the next. Another day, another to do list.

We create goals, we try to work toward them. We may not reach them in time because other things come up, the focus shifts and the goal changes, or simply because we're overwhelmed.

I work in a store for 20 hours per week. I am a small business owner with MADE BY IDA, I share this blog with Anne, I am a student and I work on other projects on the side, and the end of the day when I go to bed I often feel like I haven't really finished anything. I have only scratched the surface of the mountain of things that need to be done.

It's a constant state of juggling things. Of time management, which I still need to learn to be honest. And while for the first time in my life I truly enjoy what I do, it's neccessary to create little breaks from it all, to take a beat, to clear my head and to sit down with a cup of coffee and do nothing at all.

Focusing on the little things is something I have always been good at. In school, my teachers called it daydreaming but that's not quite it. (I did have the tendency to lose focus in math, though, I admit that).

It's the couple of minutes that I always take to look up at the stars every single time I walk out of a building at night. I can't remember when I started that habit but I just stop in my tracks, look up to the sky and take it all in. The blinking. The constellations (the few I know to spot). The breathtaking size of what is out there. And it makes me reconsider things sometimes. It shifts my focus. Things that bothered me bother me a little less for a little bit. Ideally, it's summer and I can just lie back on the grass and look up there forever. And in the perfect world I'd be on the beach but hey. Graz is great.

It's the half hour that I sit down on my couch each morning, with my coffee and my current favorite record, before I go to work. I have to get up a little earlier for this half hour but I know it's good for me to start the day slow.

It's playing basketball with my oldest friend's son, on the very court we spent countless days playing ball and countless nights stargazing, discussing things and having a good time.

It's the view from my balcony when the sky is blue, and the fresh air that fills my lungs when I breathe.

It's the first couple seconds of a record, that crackle before the music starts.

It's the knitting at night when I stopped working for the day - or for a while at least - while I read or watch a documentary or tv show on netflix. I always knit the same pattern, so I don't really have to focus too much on my hands. But while I knit I don't research, I don't pin, clean, sew, touch up photos or do anything that is on my to do list.

It's diving into the book that I have been reading at least twice per year ever since I bought it four years ago, the atmosphere it creates and the images that return every time I read it.

It's learning how to cook good food from two friends who know how, music in the background, laughter and jokes.

It's the parties on the weekends, the nights I spend surrounded by friends and good music. The moment when I lock eyes with someone in the crowd and feel that they enjoy it the same way.

And it's simply the feeling of falling into bed at night, fresh sheets, showered and tired from an intense day of work for something I love.

Little moments of simple joys. And coffee, always coffee.
What are your favorite little things?

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