Samstag, 21. Februar 2015


Hello all,
today is the 1 month anniversary of our creative chaos! To us it seems that we started the blog just yesterday, as this past four weeks rushed by so quickly. And then again, it feels like we have been working on this blog for all our lives. You know that feeling, it's like when you meet someone for the first time but it seems that you've known that person for ages. 
We love our blog! We love working on new projects, we love writing the texts, we love to speak on the phone with each other (you might not know that, but we live in different cities!) four times a day. And we love our friends and families who encourage and support us and who let us speak about our creative chaos 24/7.

We've learned a lot in this month. We've learned that it is not the best idea to start a blog project at 5 p.m. on a foggy winter's day. We've learned that keeping a diy blog sometimes means to stand on a balcony with a saw in your hands at freezing temperatures and still try to smile at the camera (don't look for that pic, it didn't make it on the blog). We've learned that blogging also means that you do a lot of unnecessary things. For example cleaning your oven door for one hour to get a pic which you don't need for the tutorial but which you think would look super cool. And then totally forget about it. 

We've also learned that we love working together. Ok, we already knew that, but confirmation is always a good thing. But the most important thing we discovered in this past month is how much joy this project brings to our lives.

What do you think about our creative chaos? What were your favorite posts? Let us know!
Love, Anne & Ida

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