Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015


When my lovely producer at the ORF suggested showing a tutorial that was less decor and more furniture, I didn't have to think hard. I've been scribbling ideas for a bench for my balcony since the minute I moved into my apartment. It was something I was planning on building in the spring - today it was 1° C and definitely too cold to work outside for long - but hey, I'm all for rising to the challenge!

For a bench just like this you'll need:


a power drill
wood screws, 4,5 x 90 mm
a pen
a ruler
wood glue
a stapler

for the seat I used belt strap - jute, upholstery fabric, leather are a few other options.


2 x 130 cm 44 / 44 (approx. a 2 / 2)
3 x 100 cm 24 / 44 (approx. a 1 / 2)
4 x 30 cm 24 / 44 (approx. a 1 / 2)
4 x 40 cm 44 / 44 (approx. a 2 / 2)

I had the wood cut at the hardware store (and had to drive back there after I discovered that one of the 130 cm pieces was a tad skewed, which made for a very wonky bench top). Make sure you lay them out on the floor at the store and look whether they are really, really even. The guy at the woodshop wasn't very happy with me when I put about 20 of them on the floor but I ended up with one piece of wood that was in fact even. Yay.

The first step is to measure where you want to drill. I predrilled all the holes and added wood glue to the contact points before I tightened the screws. 

First I built the top, then the bottom, and the last step was to connect them by adding the legs.

That's the bottom part. For this I used shorter screws since there won't be a lot of weight on this part and it was easier to tighten them.

After that I added the legs to the top and connected them to the bottom.

Isn't it pretty??

For the next couple of steps I moved the bench inside. I flipped it so I could easily reach the bottom side of the top and cut the belt strap in pieces long enough to wrap them over the top part and staple them down. I didn't know how many pieces I would need so I laid them out underneath the top and spaced them out evenly. It's important to really pull the strap in order for it to be firmly stretched. Then I stapeled them down with two staples each.

In order to create a weave pattern I needed to add a few pieces lengthwise. I stapeled one end down and wove them all the way to the other side, where I pulled hard on the strap and stapeled the ending down twice.

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