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When I moved into my new place at the end of summer I knew I wanted a large but not too massive bookshelf across the bed. I still had those leftover boards with a lenght of 2m (78.7 inches) from a shelf I got from my sister years ago. Back then I first turned it into a kitchen table and a few months later into a headboard for my bed. Anyway, I still had those and also smaller chunks of wood from previous projects, so I didn't really have to buy anything except for the screws and the legs. I had them cut at the hardware store and only had to sand off the edges, what I did on my balcony.


- boards in your desired lenght, (mine were 2m (78.7 inches) long and 20 cm (8 inches) wide
-smaller boards to screw onto the large boards to connect them to the legs,
mine were 20 cm long, just like the width of the larger boards
- legs in your desired height, mine were about 1m (40 inches)
- screws
- measuring tape
- a screwdriver or power drill
- a pen for marking drill holes

I determined the desired height of the shelf by measuring the largest book that I wanted to store in the shelf. I was planning on using four boards, so I needed to count up the height of the book x3 plus a little extra (keep in mind the depth of the boards) , plus about 10 cm (4 inches) for the legs so that the bottom board would not sit on the floor but a little higher. In order for the shelf to support the weight of the books I knew that I needed more than four legs, so I drew up a little sketch and liked it best with four on each side, so 8 total.

I started by dividing the 2m boards by three, then marked the areas where the shorter parts would go and then screwed them onto the boards.

The next step is to mark where you want to connect the boards to the legs. I laid all 8 legs out side by side on the floor, added the measurements and pre-drilled all the holes. After that it was time to screw the legs onto the boards on one side...

...and on the other side. Tadaa! Congratulations, you just built a shelf!

I was so proud I actually just let it stand there, empty, for a few days to admire it. Haha!

I like the simplistic and monochrome look it has to it.

When I put in the books a few days later I noticed that I like the look of stacks between the ordinary standing books. It nicely breaks up the usual arrangement and it also helped with the organizing of the books. I stacked all books by one author, and then lined up a few disconnected ones. It doesn't look too styled and some stacks are wonkier than others. But the books in this shelf are there to be read and reread, and a little chaos in my book shelf I can handle. The ones with the prettiest dust covers I just arranged on top of the shelf, and every couple of weeks I rearrange them and exchange a book for a different one. The two banana plants are the first plants I managed not to kill in a while and they thank me by growing new leaves on a weekly basis. I love looking at them in the morning when the sunlight hits my bedroom just right. The stack in between the plants are books that all have "Ida" in the title. My mom and my sister keep finding new "Ida" books and it's been fun collecting them. I hope you liked this tutorial! Have you built a piece of furniture yet, and if so, what was it? xo, Ida

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